About the GAWSE CMS

GAWSE is not a fully featured CMS, but rather a slimline engine that can automate the management of a basic website or alternately form the backbone for the coding of a more specific project.

GAWSE is perfect for maintaining a simple informative website, such as that required by a shopfront business. Someone with basic computer skills, can easily manage web pages such as Contact Us, About Us, FAQ, Latest News, etc, as well as Social Media links. If online commerce is required, then simple links or more complex integration can be provided, allowing the use of third-party online sales facilities, such as eBay, Etzy or PayPal. No HTML or CSS coding knowledge is required for the day to day maintenance of a GAWSE website.

For a more complex website, new code can make use of GAWSE's extensive library of logging, error handling and presentation functions.

GAWSE allows for the selection of the general website appearance to be chosen at the push of a button. Specifically, the user can select from a library of CSS files that manage the appearance of the website. Each theme option is fully "responsive", allowing a uniform and pleasant display across all devices (such as computer screens, smartphones, tablets and web enabled televisions). The themes also allow customising of what is shown if a website page is printed.